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Coverage of our work

Chad Orzel writing for, find the link here, or read the text in a compiled pdf file here.

Image gallery

Simon Stellmer (left) and Thorsten Schumm (right) posing behind one of the laser set-ups at TU Vienna.

A 229Th-doped crystal, which could form the center piece of one (out of many) possible realizations of a future nuclear clock.

Simon Stellmer (left) and Thorsten Schumm (right), co-ordinators of the project.

The official nuClock logo.

The linear Paul trap of the PTB experiment, capable of trapping 229Th+ ions.

The ion trap built into a vacuum chamber.

Addition of a laser system to cool and manipulate the ions.

PhD student David-Marcel Meier adjusting the TiSa laser system.

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