ICAP 2016 in Seoul

The 25th International Conference on Atomic Physics (ICAP) is currently taking place in Seoul. This series of conferences is probably the largest, oldest, and most prestigeous series of conferences in the field of atomic & quantum physics. Held only every other year, this year’s conference attracted some 500+ participants to the main conference, but also to the various satellite meetings arranged around it. The nuClock consortium is represented by four groups: PTB (Ekkehard Peik), MPQ (Thomas Udem), TU Wien (Simon Stellmer), and Toptica Photonics (Stephan Falke). They are joined by a number of other thorium enthusiasts: Dave DeMille (Yale), Oscar Herrera-Sancho (ex PTB, now Innsbruck & Costa Rica), Atsushi Yamaguchi (ex PTB, now RIKEN), as well as Noboru Sasao, Takahiko Masuda, and Hideaki Hara (all Okayama University). You asked about the venue? It’s the famous COEX center, right in the middle of the world-famous Gangnam district. More information can be found at the conference webpage.