Global response to the recent LMU Nature paper

The recent publication on the first direct detection of the isomeric state (link to the Nature paper) was accompanied by a number of press releases, which were picked up and posted on a number of online platforms. With a delay of a few weeks, we are very pleased to find articles appearing all around the world: articles that do not just copy/paste the press releases, but reflect or comment on our work from a new perspective. Here, we will highlight two of them: is a well-known blog that highlights outstanding scientific results in physics. The latest article covers work of the LMU group (link).

Quite surprisingly, the Indian newspaper “The Statesman” recently featured the LMU work in an extensive science article. This newspaper, with a circulation of 180’000, is one of the major newspapers in West Bengal, India, and appears in English. The online version can be found here.

Chad Orzel of Union College wrote a comment for Forbes magazine, please find the link here.

Welcome Brenden Nickerson!

The nuClock family keeps growing! Today, we welcome Brenden Nickerson to the team. Brenden joined Adriana Palffy’s group in Heidelberg and will strengthen the theory support of the consortium. Good luck for your work, Brenden!

Brenden Nickerson

Brenden Nickerson, the latest addition to the nuClock consortium.