nuClock on air

What an exciting day for nuClock: Following his talk at the DPG Spring Meeting in Hamburg, Lars von der Wense of LMU Munich made an appearance on radio Deutschlandfunk. He was interviewed in a science show and explained the concepts, prospects, and applications of a nuclear clock. The interview is in German, and the audio file can be found here. According to a recent media analysis, more than 6 million people regularly tune in to radio Deutschlandfunk. Congratulations to Lars!

Also today, Jun Ye of JILA visited the Vienna group. Jun is leading research experiments is many different fields, among them optical lattice clocks, ultracold molecules, and XUV frequency comb spectroscopy. Visit his group webpage to find out how his group constantly pushes the border of what’s technologically feasible. Jun, thanks for spending the day with us!