nuClock library and other resources

It’s been precisely 3 months since the nuClock website went online! Every day, the website is currently visited by 30 people on average. Close to 500 visitors have found our site already and clicked on our pages more than 3000 times.

Today, we are launching a new category, called “resources”. As a service to the entire Thorium research community, we have established a repository for information and data that we believe to be useful. It might be especially helpful for all of the newly established research groups around the world that are currently joining the Thorium research activities. We are starting with a library of the 100+ publications that we consider most relevant for our field of research. There is also a set of links to fabulous places on the internet where one can find nuclear and atomic physics data. In addition, we have started with a list of Thorium research groups around the world (yet not affiliated with nuClock).

We seek to constantly expand our data and knowledge “resources” section. At the same time, it will remain a carefully curated selection of truly essential information (and not a dump for all the stuff that we ran acoss). Please send us material that you find could be useful for the community!