8th Symposium on Frequency Standards and Metrology 2015 in Potsdam

This week sees a symposium on frequency standards and metrology taking place in Potsdam, Germany. The symposium is held roughly every five years, always at a different locations. This year’s edition is organized by PTB in Braunschweig, namely by the chair, Fritz Riehle, and his team. The main topics of the symposium are microwave and optical clocks, as well as the comparison between clocks over ever increasing distances.

nuClock will be represented by Ekkehard Peik of PTB, delivering a talk entitled “Search for the low-energy isomer in 229Th and the nuclear optical clock”. As a second PTB contribution, Maksim Okhapkin will present a poster “Towards electronic bridge excitation of the low-energy nuclear isomer in Th-229”. Simon Stellmer of TU Wien will be substituted by Lars von der Wense and Benedict Seiferle of LMU Munich: they will present a joint TU Wien / LMU poster covering recent (and exciting !) work.

All in all, there will be some 50 talks and 110 posters spread over the entire week. The conference begins on Monday Oct. 12th with a keynote by Nobel laureat Dave Wineland. The conference website can be found here.